How to Make Money With Populous and Live the American Dream

Populous PPT is an investment opportunity for people around the globe.

Populous tokens have hit the market since 2017 when the token trades opened, each token was valued at $2.81, but it has surged above the $20 mark at present. Populous tokens exchanged for $21.41 as at day trades of 24th February 2018.
PPT has a high and promising growth prospect.

PPT in circulation totals 37,004,027 out of a maximum supply of 53, 252,246.

Benefits of Populous

1. Speed
The invoice seller gets immediate liquidity without delays.

2. Borderless
Unlike traditional discounting of invoices, there are no border restrictions for participants.

3. Safe and error-free
The Ethereum Blockchain is transparent, subject to audit and reviews. The potential for error or manipulations is obviated.

4. Risk management
XBRL provides reliable data on invoice issuers so that a robust basis for each invoice on the platform is available. With over 1500 data points on each company, industry segments and trading partners: risk management is optimized.

5. Updated credit-rating algorithm
The finance industry uses credit ratings to evaluate providers and recipients within the industry, but, Populous has an advanced proprietary system that surpasses available standards.

How to make money with PPT

1.Invoice Buyer:
Go to the website and click on the buyers' tab to register your account.

• Browse through the invoices on offer
• Click on the preferred item
• Review the invoice value
• Accept the terms
• Transfer payments
• Once your deposit is validated, you will have access to the invoice details
• On maturity, your account will be credited with the ppt tokens equivalent to your investment.

2. Invoice Seller

• Register to the website and register your account
• View the tab and select your country of domicile
• List your invoice details
• Check that your entries are correct and post
• This will be pending until the system reviews your invoice
• The invoice details will be live after approval
• You will be notified if a seller selects your invoice for financing
• Your account will be credited with the populous utility tokens

You can decide what to do with your tokens after they are credited to your account. Be free to have them exchanged for the currency of your choice. You can also decide to allow the tokens surge in value if you have the heart to profiteer from a surge in market prices.