6 Unbeatable Reasons Why You Should Open A Spectrocoin Account and Be Treated Like A King

The reality of the Blockchain as proven by experts across the globe has given cryptos the overwhelming mileage it is enjoying right now. The question then will be –how can you profit from the gold rush that is cryptocurrency right now?

Spectrocoin offers newbies, experienced traders and crypto voyeurs a chance to take their grab of the cryptocurrency pie like never before. On Spectrocoin exchange(SE), you have a chance to open a trading account that will cater for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Bankera, and a couple of other cryptocurrencies.

Here are the unique selling points you will enjoy when you open an account here:

1.Multi-currency Deposits
There is a robust support for many currencies from emerging markets that makes SE look like a platform for the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) bloc. Big emerging market economies like Nigeria are also supported and depositors can do so with deposits in their local currencies.

In effect, the trouble of getting foreign exchange for a trading purpose is clearly avoided.

2.Ease of Exchange of Currencies

There are more than 200 active cryptocurrencies that call for attention in the cryptocurrency booming trade globally. On SE, you can buy and trade in these currencies with ease.

If you a stickler for the top ten crypto picks, you can be sure that you can swap your BTC or ETH for any of these on this exchange.

3.Multiple Access Globally

Users of SE enjoy uninterrupted access to their accounts that they cannot have using big names like Coinbase. Coinbase restricts trading for users in countries like South Africa, Nigeria, and many other destinations.

You can open an SE account from virtually any country on earth and enjoy uninhibited trading and cash out. The Spectrocoin Debit card is also available and can be used for cash withdrawals wherever you find an ATM that supports Visa and Mastercard.

4.Open to Digital Payments

Before the advent of Bitcoin, digital payments like OKPay,Payeer, PerfectMoney, and Netteller, etc were the common alternatives to national currencies. For persons who have their wealth stored in any of these digital currencies, conversion is provided on the Spectrocoin Exchange.

You can create your account to SE, transfer your digital currency here and exchange it for Bitcoin or Ethereum as you desire.
Merchants are also enabled to accept cryptocurrencies when they integrate Spectrocoin to their payment gateways.

5.Offers you Referral Bonuses

The lure of referral bonuses cannot be overlooked on the SE platform, and this is real. Having a social media account can help you market the exchange using your unique referral code.

You will be rewarded with a percentage of whatever your referrals use up in opening their account or deposit.

6.There is a Ready Wallet

There is a ready wallet that you can put to use immediately when your account is opened on this platform. It costs you nothing to open an account, and once you have done so, you only need to click on the preformatted wallet to access your wallet address.

You can send your tokens from other exchanges, wallets or dugout to your Spectrocoin wallet and utilize it for the purpose of your choice. You can send the tokens from your wallets on the platform to other destinations or users, as the case may be.

Gb Adolph Obasogie is a Blockchain enthusiast and follower of all things IOT. He is a chartered accountant who is resident in Sandton, South Africa and author of the Amazon-listed books; "The Habitat of Progression" and "Insurance Guide for Dummies"

Reach him on Twitter @gbaobasogie