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Bitcoin mining means different things to different people and a huge mass of internet savvy persons see it as an affair of the geeks. This is where the mistake is made as the focus seems to be on the technicalities and hardware setup.

There is a lot of buzz about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies that nobody that cares about making money can ignore. The truth is that you do not need to be a techie to mine Bitcoin and this might shock you. Yes. You do not have to be a programmer or a coder to mine Bitcoin and earn your rewards. Here is what you need to know about this passive income opportunity:

Mining of Bitcoin goes on at several levels

The algorithm for mining Bitcoin is such that requires levels of infrastructure to get the job done. This means that the nodes that get to work for Bitcoin to be mined have to be set up. However, once this s done, what is required is the energy and computational power to get it done.

As a non-technical person, you do not have to bother about setup and all the jargons that go along with it. But, why is this so? Move on to the next point and learn more.

There are Mining Companies

Mining companies are already working on Bitcoin mining with some mining rigs setup in exclusive regions across the globe.
Canada has been in the news of late with regards to this as a result of its low energy cost. This is a technical approach with the heavy investment needed to get it going. But, it also promises huge rewards.

The Computational Power

Resolving the hurdles that lie between Bitcoin and a mining a block requires computational power. This is nothing physical as it only needs that network of computers be kept working to get this done.

The greater the number of computers and computational power, the easier and faster it will be for blocks to get mined. When a block is completed, it gets added to the Blockchain and miner gets rewarded

Here is where You are Needed

As a non-technical person, you do not need mining rigs to mine Bitcoin or get your slice of the pie. There are several startups engaged in Bitcoin mining that requires the computational power locked up in your laptop, desktop or smart device’s central processing unit.

If you sign up to any of the startup with a reputation, you can earn Bitcoin whether you are on your PC or away from it. Your PC will only be helping to relay information to a node and it does not mean your system is hacked or compromised.

Here is what to do

• Sign up to Cryptotab here
• Click to add this to you chrome
• Enable the extension by clicking on the right-hand corner of your browser
• Do not worry about data cost as only a tiny fraction is needed
• Keep your chrome open for mining to continue
• That is it! You have begun the journey to earning Bitcoin
• You can also share your affiliate code on social media to boost your earnings
• When someone signs up as your referral, you will earn more
• Your Bitcoin share is reflected on your screen, and you can see the progress on a daily basis
• You can withdraw your Bitcoin easily by using your account dashboard.

So, go ahead and sign up today!

Gb Adolph Obasogie is a Blockchain enthusiast and follower of all things IOT. He is a chartered accountant who is resident in Sandton, South Africa and author of the Amazon-listed books; "The Habitat of Progression" and "Insurance Guide for Dummies"

Reach him on Twitter @gbaobasogie