Grow and Expand Your Business By Integrating Mobile Apps To the Blockchain For That Quantum Leap in USD and Bitcoin

The Blockchain is taking the world by storm, and several companies see an opening for a business boost in this innovation. The use of mobile apps has become widespread across the globe as a result of the prevalence of mobile platforms and their attendant popularity across societal cadres.

The ease of use of mobile devices such as phones and other portable gadgets can be baited and explored by many companies to grow a substantial customer base. The possibility of integrating mobile apps to the Blockchain has become a reality with several platforms like EOS, IOTA, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar and Cardano taking the lead.

Blockchain and Mobile Payment Options

A mobile app is easy to download and this has been recognized by proactive companies. You can introduce a QR (quick response) code for payment by customers in respect of the goods or services you offer.

This flexibility is one way to expand your customer base as people who use your QR code will have to register with their details. An email address or phone contact ensures that you can send details of your future offers or seasonal discount to these contacts.

The contacts become an early means to not only target possible sales but to introduce new services or products. Apps can be hosted on the Blockchain to ease payment processing or integrated into platforms like Ripple or Bankera for optimal functionality.

Blockchain and User-Friendly Mobile Experience

If your website is mobile friendly, then people, who see your promotions online, can log in and see what you have on offer. The future of web-based transaction is looking more mobile app friendly than ever before and businesses that take note of this have a market base to explore.

The Blockchain makes it possible for decentralized processing and storage of storage across linked computers and platforms. Once your app is mobile-friendly, the Blockchain experience will be better.

Blockchain and Online Promotions

Social media promotions and other online marketing plans make it easier for your business to reach out to a tech-savvy generation. Your online promotions will be of little advantage if your products and services cannot be accessed on a mobile platform.

People who come across what you do online are more likely to click to enquire and offer you a chance to pursue a new lead different from your loyal customers. With the Blockchain, ease of access and decentralized app integration is possible.

Blockchain and Rewards

People who come to your webpage are attracted by news of coupons, special discounts or some other offers. Make a buzz of such developments online and you will be surprised how a mobile app savvy generation can form the base of your new customer outreach.

Encourage people to leave a review, a comment or share your webpage for a possible coupon win or some reward. The more things like this are available, the better for your business. More rewards are available on the Blockchain with tokens offered to users who provide content and spend time on specific websites.

Gb Adolph Obasogie is a Blockchain enthusiast and follower of all things IOT. He is a chartered accountant who is resident in Sandton, South Africa and author of the Amazon-listed books; "The Habitat of Progression" and "Insurance Guide for Dummies"

Reach him on Twitter @gbaobasogie