Purk Project – Cryptocurrency for Donations & Tips

Purk is a cryptocurrency that is directed at content owners, service providers, and the community of website users. Purk facilitates micropayments between parties in a fast and efficient manner. If you own a website, you can avoid the clutter of links, pop-ups, and banners, by monetizing your website content with the Purk button (launching mid-2018).

How Purk Works

Once a Purk Button is on your website, users can make quick payments using a simple click of the mouse. Whether it is a service or specific content that a website provides, as users access your website, Purk provides a payment option. A user can simply make a donation or provide the needed payment using the Purk button.

As website owner, you will be relieved that your website is clutter-free and aesthetically improved as banners and ads are eliminated or minimized.

Purk Mining

Purk has a fixed supply of 179,424,673 coins. Purk is minable, and miners can utilize a pool, daemon or simplewallet for mining purposes. The block target is achieved in 1 and ½ minutes, and each block comes with varying rewards.

Purk runs on the Wild Keccak algorithm that is noted for GPU and CPU balancing as well as ASIC mining equilibrium. The expedited block verification for Purk is a notable selling point. Everyone can get involved in Purk mining by using a mining rig, PC, mining pools, and enjoy the rewards.

Notable Features of Purk

The notable features of Purk include the following:

Payments Security

Purk is suitable for peer-to-peer transactions and operates on the open source platform. The security it offers is proven as a decentralized and private cryptocurrency innovation.
All transactions are verified by users on the network with a permanent record on the Blockchain.

Untraceable Transactions

Users will enjoy the advantage of payments anonymity offered by Purk. By utilizing the ring signature and a variant of Diffie-Hellman Exchange Protocol, user anonymity is assured.

Undesirable tracking of transactions is avoided on the Purk Platform as unique one-time keys are generated from a user’s unique public key. Purk operates as an anonymous cryptocurrency.

Self Funding

The finance model of Purk is a transparent one that sets aside 1 percent of emissions for research and development. There is no premining, instamining or ICO associated with the project.

Wallet Address Aliases

Users of Purk can use private wallets that can be linked to personal Purk handles. Users of the Blockchain are at liberty to use an alias, which requires no central approval to be operational.

From the Roadmap

The promising outlook for Purk can be seen in these highlights:

Payment Plugin

Purk has a promising outlook as it guarantees a seamless checkout experience on merchants’ websites. After the plugins are integrated, goods and services can be transacted with Purk Pay as the enabler. Purk Pay can be integrated to platforms like Woocommerce, Magento, and Shopify.

Updates and Improvement

A commitment to security optimization, protocol improvements, and development support is stated in the Purk blueprint. Users can be assured that an ongoing enhancement of user experience is irreversible.

The community commitment is also worthy of mention as stakeholders’ requests will be attended to in order to optimize the platform.

Versatile Purk Button

Adding of the Purk Button will be supported for a variety of applications and portals. Whether you operate a blogging platform, a news website, commerce portal, a specific goods or services outlet, the Purk Button comes in handy. Users will be able to make payments in a few taps and clicks.

Exchange Listings

Holders of coins in the crypto world want to be persuaded on the convertibility of the coins. Purk will be listed on specific exchanges so that a global access will be assured.


Purk promises a lot of revolutionary developments that users will find comfortable, refreshing and ground-breaking. Publishers can assure website users of a UI that is devoid of annoying pop-ups and banners as they adopt Purk plugins for website monetization.

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