Blockchain Payments , Healthcare Records and You

Many people think “blockchain”, and might know what it means, but think about crypto assets, bitcoin, investments, and volatile cryptocurrency markets. However, it’s time that we apply blockchain technology investments to sectors that matter the most – and our health certainly is worth considering. Sure, there are millions of people that love investing and trading cryptocurrencies on countless crypto exchange platforms, but shouldn’t we understand that technology can help our healthcare system work better, which would mean improving and saving lives?

The immutability of a medical record is important. Imagine the damage that someone can do to another individual if they were to alter their medical records. It could be fatal! The immutability of blockchain can prove to be essential to the medical sector, and there is zero doubt that large medical corporations and hospitals will be looking into blockchain technology investments in the future, to find a solution.


The truth is that since blockchain technology is also more efficient when it comes to global payments, this could also help countries where there is a large section of the population that is impoverished. Micropayments are more realistic given blockchain technology, because money moves instantly and doesn’t cost nearly as much, which means that there is no bank that is hoping to collect a transaction fee on the money transfer.

This means that those without access to traditional financial institutions could potentially pay for medical services instantly, and with less of a burden when it comes to fees. This could truly be the difference between an individual receiving care or not.

Blockchain could even provide some kind of incentives. If the patient wants to give consent to a trial, the records can be kept more accurately, as was described previously, but there can also be some kind of rewards through the healthcare system if the patient is following instructions properly and actually getting healthier. This could be a huge morale boost to patients who might otherwise not have had one.

More than Payments

The truth is that more people than ever know what the words “bitcoin” and “blockchain” means, but they are still using their traditional forms of payment in their daily life, when it comes to their laundry, fast food, the movies, and their bar tab. A lot of people fail to realize that blockchain technology is about much more than crypto assets or about the bitcoin exchange rate, but it’s a technology that can really change the way we live and protect our medical information more than ever. We all know that we have personal information that no one needs to know.

The world is more transparent than ever, and it’s great, but that doesn’t mean that the world is entitled to all our information. If we choose to live our lives with a certain medical condition, but still want to participate in society, that should be okay. Unfortunately, the status quo is using systems that aren’t working. No matter how large or powerful a corporation is; the truth is that they simply aren’t safe from hacking.

There have been billions of accounts hacked with personal information, and even medical records aren’t safe. It’s time that we changed that with the adoption of a blockchain -based healthcare system.