The Leading Causes of Debt Around the Globe

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Managing the Intricacies of Debt

Many people across the country have to grapple with the issue of debts at one point or the other in their lifetime. This is traceable to the fact that financial transactions take place on a day to day basis with the attendant commitment that results when final payment is not made for goods purchased or services received.

The focal point in debt management is to ensure that personal financial profile is not dented by failure to meet payment terms. In the same vein, fund or service providers needs to be kept happy by adhering to the terms of the business or financial transaction.

Debt requires all the attention necessary because it is not just a finance issue but also a lifestyle indicator and it cuts into every facet of life.

For best effect, many proponents of financial literacy have advocated for the inclusion of debt management modules in high school curricula so that people can begin to learn this vital survival skill from an early age.

Suicides, depression and loss of family are some of the downsides of a debt crisis and it certainly requires all the attention it gets in daily human discourse.

The Leading Causes

A debt crisis can occur on account of any of these factors but there are other random reasons that can lead to the same scenario.
Job Loss

Job loss is a common reason for a debt crisis and it is an overwhelming issue when a person loses a means of livelihood. Job loss can result from a variety of reasons but what can precipitate a debt crisis is when the circumstances remain for a long time and there is a resultant failure to meet personal financial obligations.

Living Beyond Your Means

A lifestyle that is beyond personal means is an open invitation to a debt crisis. There needs to be a balance between what is earned and what gets spent on a monthly basis.

To incur debts on non-productive ventures or just to fuel a trifling lifestyle is dangerous and fraught with risk. When things go wrong or there is a loss of income, the debts incurred become unmanageable.

Financial Indiscipline

The craze of credit card acquisitions can fuel financial indiscipline and this leads to a debt crisis whenever there is a sad turn of events. Incurring debts on store accounts because of a fashion craze is irresponsible if your finances are in deficit on a monthly basis.

Business Failure

A business failure can plunge an individual into a debt crisis and this is due to the fact that some business plans do fail in reality or on account of unforeseen events. Either way, having debts to settle when there is no income is asevere crisis that can be damning for many people.


Some of the leading causes of debt crises can be avoided, and others are not. It is important you cut what is excessive in your budget and keep your head above water.