Bitcoin Bulls Go Raging As Market Cap Leaps By Over $40 Billion

As the price of bitcoin hits the $5,300 mark, it is a 42 percent for buyers of the wonder coin if they bought it at the beginning of 2019.

At the onset of the year, the price was at the $3737 mark, but today on April 20, 2019, the price has risen to $5300.  

This chart below shows the progress made by BTC so far this year.

Market Capitalization

The opening market capitalization for BTC a month ago was 54 billion USD, and today, it is at 94 billion USD. This is a massive $40 billion gain so far.  

The two-week moving average has also seen a positive trend so far. To many analysts, it would seem that the bulls are all fired up.

Now, many traders and investors would likely be set to profit from the price push. This is really positive as there has been no negative hit on Bitcoin in recent months.

What is rather obvious is that blockchain adoption is growing around the globe, and many people are taking a second look at investing in Bitcoin.

All Rushing In?

Is this the time to rush in for a kill? This could be possible if the momentum continues for the next quarter. What is evident is that the forces of demand and supply work well in cryptocurrency markets.

As more people look up to profit from the surge in price, you can be sure that an inevitable price rise is unavoidable. 

Buy low and sell high is a mantra that many crypto followers are aware of. How high can the price go at this time? 

Want to Trade?

Anyone who wants to trade right now can decide to cash in on the price rise and profit from plausible speculation.   

Some market watchers are already predicting that the price of BTC is set for $10,000 in the immediate timeframe. 

If this is so, the made price surge of pre-2018 could be around the corner again.

If the price of BTC skyrockets, it certainly will mean that the crypto winter has finally receded and the new dawn might just be here.

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