How Vehicle Lease Return Inspection Works: The Tips To help You Save Money

Vehicle inspection is a necessary requirement for every vehicle that is returned at the end of a lease. The leasing company provides for a Normal Wear Allowance in respect of minor wear and tear unless the damages that extend beyond 2-inch diameter rule.  

The lease return chargeback is the acceptable practice for any exterior damage that will require a fix to the vehicle. You will have to pay for the cost of repairs after the return and inspection of the vehicle.

Vehicle body repair experts are hired by leasing companies and they charge any price from $500 to fix the dents. It is advisable to have your leased vehicle reviewed by another vehicle inspector to give you an idea of what you will be up against at the final inspection. 

It is also possible for you to determine if the damage to the leased vehicle is excessive by using cut-out cardboard which should have a 2-inch hole cut into it. 

Hold the cut-out against any scratch, missing paint or dent. If the damaged areas extend beyond the size of the cut-out, then you know you have to pay for repairs.

What should I check before returning the car?

Bumper Damage

Bumpers on modern vehicles are made of plastic and reinforced fiber which makes them susceptible to damages.

 Cosmetic damages are overlooked underleasing guidelines but when the bumper cover needs to be fixed, you could be charged $400 to $900 but at most Auto bumper repairs, prices start from $275. 

Windshield Damage

Scratches that extend beyond the 2-inch mark, cracks, bullseyes, and large chips attract charges. Knowing this rule means that you can effect repairs or consider a replacement where possible before returning the vehicle.

  Note that you might pay more when the leasing company estimates the cost of repairs. 

Interior Damage

Holes, cuts or a tear in any part of the vehicle interior, attract charges. The good news is that interior damages can be fixed. 

A car seat or carpet stains can be removed or layered by a professional just like dents to the door panels, which can be repaired in most cases. The lessor will prefer to have the seat cover or trim panel replaced instead of charging you for the repairs.

Dents and Scratches 

Before returning a leased vehicle, make sure it is washed so you can see all the angles and body parts clearly. It will be easier to spot any dent or scratch that extends beyond the allowable rule of 2-inch. 


The commonest damage to the wheel is a scratch or rash from curbs. Auto repairs will charge you $100 to $150 while you will have to pay $300 to have it fixed at other dealers

How can you help me avoid the penalties?

Auto lease experts work with several dealerships daily. You can bring your vehicle to us for Pre-Return Inspection. We assure you of a thorough review and the best advice that will save you thousands of dollars or $500 to $900 in penalties.