The World of Coinmama Cryptocurrency Exchange

As with most crypto exchanges, Coinmama comes to the scene with a selling point. This might not be unique, but discernible. It is best known for accepting credit card payments when buying bitcoin or ethereum.

Like Coinmama, eToro has a dedicated cryptocurrency exchange (although it only debuted
recently – 6 years after Coinmama) and eToro as a platform functions as a broker rather than a direct exchange.

Other crypto projects

Besides its founder having worked on installing the first Bitcoin ATM in Israel, Coinmama mostly keeps its operations to the exchange itself. 

Coinmama doesn’t have its own cryptocurrency, neither stable currency nor variable, it doesn’t have its own blockchain, and it hasn’t so far involved itself with ICOs or IEOs. 

What you see is pretty much what you get, although this might change under new leadership.

The only project that could be considered different from what other exchanges offer is a referral program that gives its participants 15% of the commission on any purchases made by people referred by them. 

Even then, that’s more of a feature than a project.

Why Use Coinmama?

A crypto trader will find a need to use this platform if the desire is to buy crypto securely.

For a user in the SEPA area, the platform also appears friendly since bank transfers are supported.

Other than these, users in Africa, Asia, and some parts of the USA will not find the platform useful.

To this class of users, other Coinmama alternatives will be better.