Making Money Through Domain Speculation

Domain speculation is a well-rewarding business idea for anyone who wants to earn some extra money. 

Though not always an easy task, it involves purchasing the domains and then reselling them for the sake of profit. To make the procedure profitable for you, there are few things about the domain marketplace and search engine trend that you need to know.

Why Domain Purchasing and Reselling?

As the domains selling and auctions work on a limited schedule, therefore it becomes convenient for freelancers or people with unusual schedules. Domain speculation can be a lucrative side business but don’t expect to make a full time earning with it. 

The profit amount varies largely according to the search engine index fluctuation and market demand and situation, which can’t be predicted easily. This business of purchasing and selling domains is easy and require just a laptop and internet connection to start.

Do your own research about the domains that are higher in demand and help you make a profit, and how much money do you need to spare for investing in them. Some domain speculators work systematically. 

They have kept portfolios filled with hundreds of domains and wait for a particular term to get popular. This investment type is hugely profitable but requires a lot of up-front money and ability to understand the underlying risk.

Selection Of The Right Domain

With a little luck and basic know-how of Search Engine Optimization, you can get the clear idea of what type of domain you should be looking for. 

If you have an idea about what people are looking for, it will become very easy for you to look for a valuable and in-demand domain name. However, the domain names ideal for today may not remain valid a few months later.

Google has launched a new rule of Exact Match Domain penalty for the websites which have very little quality content and a generic name.

 As a domain speculator is purchasing the domain only and not a full-fledge functioning website, so, it can be bad for them. In this manner, websites that have expired recently can prove beneficial because of their active back-links, which will help them to index higher in the search engine.

Selling The Domain

If you want to get the ultimate profit from your domain then you need to choose the selling out strategy carefully. There are sites like Sedo that help users to purchase and sell domain names through auction. The higher the value of the domain, the auction will be busier leading to inflation in prices.

However, there is a lot of competition at auction sites and you need to be more engaged if you have to sell numerous domains at the same time.

The alternate strategy to sale out your domain is to search for platforms and forums specified for the audience relevant to your domain name. 

Never buy a trademark name domain and sell it back to the trademark holder. It may become a lawsuit invitation for you, so, avoid this strategy.


Domain speculation is an interesting and profitable business that can also be challenging at times. Just remember that you should start at a small level and remain smart with you domain investments.