How To Understand Gold IRAs In A Changing World

Regulations for IRAs 

An IRA consists of more than just stashing money or shares in companies and keeping them safe for a rainy day. IRAs are only taxed when you take out money from them, thus keeping you from losing your savings to taxes over the years.

However, since they offer tax advantages, there are also other limits to how IRAs can be managed. For example, most IRAs have a cap on how much money they can receive a year. 

That amount changes yearly depending on inflation and other economic factors along with the age of the contributor – as older people are allowed to deposit more money than younger ones.

Also, although you can retire at any age, IRAs penalize you if you do it before 60. Just as well, the later you retire, the less you’re charged in taxes and the more money you actually get.

Common pitfalls to avoid

The most common pitfall of gold IRAs is not considering that they often attract heftier fees than paper IRAs because of the required secure storage your custodian must have or procure to keep your tangible gold bars safe. 

This leads to people often not taking storage, withdrawal, or sales fees to account, and feeling stung when in the end they don’t receive as much money as they had expected from it.

Another common mistake some people make is choosing to have only a gold IRA, investing all of their savings into the precious metal: Just don’t do that. 

Most investment advisors recommend that you should have at most a 10% of your IRAsavings in precious metals, with the rest divided among other types of investments. 

One of the golden rules of investing is to never put all your eggs in the same basket, and it applies here too. The gold or precious metal IRA might look shiny, but not everything that shines is gold… as strange as it might sound in this specific case.


Gold can work as a hedge against inflation if you time your purchase well. It’s also a metal that will always have some worth, so even in the worst economic conditions you’ll be able to regain at least some of your investment from an IRA. 

Also, since you’ll be investing in actual, physical items, there’s no risk of a catastrophe making it disappear.

A gold IRA is, therefore, an interesting way of securing your future, and one that can help you keep your savings from losing value over time.