The Best Global Stocks Investors Could Bet On In 2020

We get it: As a new year’s resolution, you have decided to better your finances, specifically by investing. The stock market, while scary, seems like one of the best ways to make your savings stop gathering dust and start earning you some extra cash.

But then the question is: What should you invest in? The stock market is huge, and success in it depends entirely on knowing what makes a good or a bad investment.

While it’s impossible to accurately predict the stock market, there are certain investments that are considered safer, either because they are very likely to appreciate in the long-term, or at least because they aren’t likely to lose value in the short-term. Here we have a few of them.

The value retainer: Amazon

Amazon’s stocks are among the safest in the world at the moment, as the retail giant not only has maintained its stranglehold over the online market, but strengthened it over the last few years. 

Right now, as one of the most profitable companies in the market, purchasing Amazon’s shares is a no-brainer for those looking to protect themselves from inflation while making some income along the way.

Amazon’s shares aren’t likely to greatly appreciate over a single year, so don’t expect this investment to make you rich. However, do expect this one to keep your money safe while slowly appreciating over time.

The Risky Bet: Netflix

Netflix as a company needs no introduction anywhere in the world. From the US-centric streaming platform that it was a decade ago, Netflix has become the de facto streaming service all over the world, partly due to its extensive library of exclusive content, and partly thanks to its decidedly worldwide focus in a streaming market where most big players (Hulu and Disney included) are US-centric.

Why is Netflix a risky bet, then? Mostly, thanks to Disney+. While so far Disney’s system is US-based, it’s expected to roll out internationally this year. Moreover, the system is yet to show its potential since so far it has only one exclusive series – something that should change later this year.

While Netflix has absolute domination over the international market, Disney’s stranglehold on media isn’t something anyone should underestimate. The brand is strong all over the world and, even when Disney’s main strengths are in the US, it’s expected many 

Netflix customers might make the switch. For now, the market still bets on Netflix, and shall Netflix prevail its stocks will likely soar. However, be warned that it’s a somewhat risky investment.

The Market Option: Kronos Worldwide

A relatively unknown company unless you’re part of the manufacturing world, Kronos Worldwide has been slowly growing its market share, becoming an increasingly profitable company. Its expectations for 2020 are big, with revenue expected to grow 3.4% (bringing it up to $1.8B,) and earnings projected to rise by about 14%.

What makes Kronos a particularly good investment? They seem grossly undervalued at the moment, with trade values at 40% below their five-year average, even when the company is in a period of almost assured growth. Markets don’t usually allow for these problems to last long – and the inevitable market correction should send these shares soaring at some point during the year.

The Dividends Option: AT&T

Investing in communications is a no-brainer these days, considering we live in a world where phones and the internet is present absolutely everywhere – with their presence getting even more common each day.

The detail about investing in communications are simple: Don’t expect to earn thanks to rising share values. Instead, the investment will be worthwhile because of the dividends it will pay, which will represent a constant income for you.

AT&T is easily the best option in the market for this investment. Not only is the company one of the main players in the, let’s call it what it is, communications cartel in the US, but they also offer a 6.5% forward annual dividend yield. Considering AT&T is expected to remain profitable (and growing) for the foreseeable future, this is one of the best options for dividend-focused investments in the market today.


The world of investment beckons and for a goal-getter, the picks above can make a difference in your finances in 2020. 

In every investment, there are uncertainties you might have to deal with. Seek a professional's views before you proceed.