RideShare Industry

The Complaints Against the Present Ride Share Models

In recent years, rideshare models have become a very important innovation in human transportation all over the world. Also, it hasn’t stopped at that, rideshare models have gone on to create employment, and a lot of drivers are now living comfortably due to this innovation. 

Examples of such models like Lyft and Uber have made it possible for customers to be able to order a ride just right from their mobile phone, and this makes It comfortable for the customers, as they would not have to leave their home before placing a ride online.

Also, the rideshare models are very comfortable with the use of sophisticated cars, and the customers are guaranteed a comfortable ride. The ride-share companies also make sure that cars that are registered under their name are worth it. There is a lot of healthy competition going on with these ride companies, and none of them would accept cars that are not worthy enough for the business.

Also, there are categories of ride types depending on the company that you are using. These categories are dependent on the sophistication of the car in use. For Uber, there are about six ride categories, and for Lyft, there are about 5 ride categories. So when you are ordering for the service of a ride company, it is advisable that you choose the most suitable kind of ride category.

No good thing comes without a bad side they say, over the years there have been complaints about the way Uber and Lyft operates, as well as complaints about the service rendered, although, it must be said that the importance of these ride shares cannot be overemphasized.
Some of the complaints about their services include:

Customer’s Privacy

To use Uber or Lyft, you would have to place a ride either via the mobile app or through the website. While this is done, a lot of information would be required from you, this includes your name and the place you are going to. 

While doing this, they tend to record all this information. A lot of customers have argued that the details are quite much, and some have even stopped making use of these rideshare models, as they claim that the data they collect can do enough to track customers.

Although what the rise share companies will tell you is that the data collected is exclusive to them only, this can be disputed as the data collected can be used in the case of solving crimes, especially during investigations by law enforcement agencies. This shows that once any of the companies are being subpoenaed under a lawsuit, they cannot keep hold of this information any longer. This is the major complaint of customers about these rideshare companies.

Poor Employees’ Treatment

Another complain about rideshare companies is the poor way they handle most of their employees. A very good example is when drivers are driving around without getting an order. We do not know for sure how these orders are being shared among their numerous drivers, although some argue that it is based on the drivers’ location. But reviews have shown that sometimes, some of these drivers are just left running around without getting customers.

Some of these companies also underpay their drivers too, this has a way of affecting the type of customer service that would be received. A lot of customers learn about this and issue complaints directly to the rideshare companies.

 Drivers are the core of these companies and it is very unfair if they do not get good pay rates for the enormous service they render, hence why this is a major complaint of rideshare customers.

Outrageous Prices

This is also one of the major customers complains that rideshare companies suffer. When compared to prices that are paid for using normal taxis, it is observed that the price that is paid by customers of rideshare companies can be outrageous.

A lot of customers have complained that this shouldn’t be so, because as a company that makes use of the website, mobile apps and tools save on cost. Rideshare companies have been urged to review prices and meet the demands of customers.

Drivers Discrimination

Customers have regularly called in to make complaints on people and places discrimination by these rideshare drivers. Sometimes, the driver refuses to ride with some categories of people due to reasons best known to them. 

Also, they refuse to go to some certain places. Customers involved have called into the various company hotlines to make complaints so that something can be done to stop this discrimination.

Complaints About Customer Services

Some of these ride companies have poor customer services. It is even said that some have no hotline as they can only be reached via their electronic mail. This is unfair to customers, as there are times when they would need urgent replies mostly in the case of an emergency.

 Reaching them on email is also not swift, as people have complained that sometimes it takes as long as hours for them to get back to the customers. Costumers deserve better than this for using a company service, and this must be worked on by the ride companies guilty of this.

The hype on Fare After Ride

A lot of complaints have been lodged as regards the increase in the transport fare given prior to the journey, as compared to after the journey. Some of the customers also stated that when they ask the drivers for reasons behind this, they claim it is due to traffic issues. 

Customers have claimed that this is unfair to them as they do not control the issue of traffic, and this is a valid point. Although it is understandable that traffic issues lead to extra expenses for the ride company. But the complaints of the customers are that the burden should not be shared by them, alone.

A marketplace investigation by Harrison Global Capital